12 Weeks to Rewire Your Creative Writing
The Sense Writing Course - 12 Weeks to Rewire Your Creative Writing

12 Weeks to Rewire
Your Creative Writing

When inspiration strikes, you feel alive.

What if you were able to just switch on your creativity?

When we feel an urge to create, we can often feel pressure to make it happen. We mistakenly believe we need to try harder. That it’s “mind over matter.”


But the source of your creative power isn’t in your mind, it’s in…

...Your Body

Your body is your lens to the world and the source of a more resilient writing practice.

Are you an aspiring writer who wants to break old habits and unlock your voice?

Are you an experienced writer who has started a project but is struggling to finish it?

Or maybe you have a passionate urge to write and create but don’t even know where to begin?

Discover the Smarter
Part of Yourself

With over 100 specialized writing and neuro-sensory movement sequences, Sense Writing is a groundbreaking approach that anyone can use to unleash their creativity.

Four Enjoyable Steps Combining Body and Mind to Bring Your Stories to Life

System Regulation


Enhanced Senses


Heightened Awareness


Creative Flow

12 Weeks to Building a Resilient Writing Practice from the Inside Out

The Sense Writing Course is an online group program designed to take you through this unique approach to creative writing.


Whether you already write or aspire to, you will leave with the tools and skills to bring your voice and vision to fruition.


Next Session Starts October 11, 2022.

I never in a million years would have said I’m a writer or I write before I took Sense Writing. I didn’t think I had anything to say at all or that I could actually articulate it on paper.”

Emily Tobey

How Sense Writing Differs

The Common Methods

Senses Writing goes beyond the common methods such as traditional genre classes and free writes.

These can either make the product or process feel forced or keep you spiraling in old habits of thought and language, obscuring your true voice.

Sense Writing

Sense Writing‘s specialized writing and movement sequences help you reach a place of supple awareness, where elements of craft and story emerge and flow organically. 

With Sense Writing, habits of thought and language gently dissolve to unlock your voice. The practice is continually expansive and non habit-forming to fit your evolving needs.

The Common Methods

Traditional craft classes teach writing through the elements of storytelling, such as character and conflict, which can make the writing process and product feel forced.

Free writes or “automatic writing” often use prompts to bypass overthinking. These free writes may eventually reinforce old habits of thought and language, keeping you in a spiral of repetition, obscuring your true voice.

Sense Writing

Sense Writing’s specialized writing and movement sequences help you reach a place of supple awareness and flow, beyond good or bad, where elements of craft and story emerge and flow organically.

With Sense Writing, habits of thought and language gently dissolve to unlock your voice. The practice is continually expansive and non-habit forming to fit your evolving needs.

Sense Writing applies neuro-sensory methods that help you keep an emotional balance of safety and surprise, so you can build a generative writing practice continuously renewed by curiosity.


In Our 12 Weeks Together You Will:

#1 Learn how to Start

(Nervous System Regulation)

  • Gently dissolve unnecessary inhibitions so getting started feels inviting.
  • Expand your capacity to absorb and process sensation to decrease feelings of overwhelm.

#2 Learn how to Deepen

(Enhanced Senses)

  • Harness the nervous system’s natural balance of curiosity and safety to keep yourself engaged as you write.
  • Enrich the internal landscape of your creativity, whether memory or imagination.

#3 Learn how to Continue

(Heightened Awareness)

  • Identify the natural craft that’s embedded in your own writing.
  • Bypass emotional triggers by dissolving old patterns of thought and language.

#4 Learn how to Complete

(Effortless Creative Flow)

  • Hold the big picture and small details of a project at the same time so you don’t get lost along the way.
  • Maintain a state of organic flow to the end of a piece, without depending solely on “great ideas.”
"Madelyn Kent’s Sense Writing challenged Struggle’s worth and reminded me of the original impulse that led me to make my life about writing."
Elephant Journal

12 Weeks Towards a Rewarding and Resilient Practice

PART 1 - Weeks 1-2

The Muse Visits

Connecting the Body and Writing

Beginning body mapping and the ground of story

Refining external awareness and entering your internal landscape

The Anatomy of Flow

PART 2 - Weeks 3-5

Rediscovering Safety

Resetting the nervous system

Using self-regulation to uncover the seed of desire in your writing

Yearning as the key to structure in any genre

The Power of Slow Learning

PART 3 - Weeks 6 - 8

Knowing Your Way Home

Settling into any landscape of memory or imagination

Connecting interoception and imagination to nurture elements of story

Dissolving habits and letting new patterns and choices emerge

Effortless Beginnings, Middles, and Ends

PART 4 - Weeks 9 - 12

Becoming Your Own Muse

Inviting instead of imposing to write longer pieces

Growing the root system of setting, character, desire and plot

Craft as the outgrowth of all of the above

The Art of Completion

I don’t feel the blocks I used to feel. There is so much memory and emotion stored in the body and breath. Sense Writing was a way to get really grounded in that, which helps me find a way into a character, myself, or into a scene." Donnaldson Brown

What You'll Experience When You Join The Sense Writing Course

Nine In-Depth Training Modules

  • 27 exclusive Sense Writing neuro-sensory writing and movement sequences in both video and audio form
  • 6-part Sense Writing Theory video series
  • The Three Steps to Getting Started in Any Story

Live Training Calls

  • 9 Live Training Calls with Madelyn (Scheduled for Sundays at 12:00 noon, EST. All calls are recorded and available within 48 hours.)

Three Fully-supported Integration Weeks

  • To reflect, write, and share writing (optional) with the group
  • Gives you padding to catch up, even if you fall behind

Support via Private Community Group

  • Access to a supportive discussion group on our platform to post your reflections and writing, and connect with other participants
  • Get personal feedback on your own process from Madelyn

The Life-Long Gift You Deserve

  • LIFETIME Access as Valued Alumni means you can retake the course as many times as you’d like, including all live sessions!
  • Bonus – Community group will continue to be moderated by Madelyn for an additional month after the course
  • Free Entry into Live Advanced Alumni Labs for a deeper delve into larger projects
  • 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

$797 (4-month payment plan available)

Registration closes October 11, 2022, midnight.

Course Starts Monday, October 11, 2022.

Before Sense Writing I was overthinking everything, I had to have an objective, I had to have an audience, I had to have everything in mind. And when you’re so overwhelmed who has the energy to pick up that pen and find a piece of paper? I didn’t. Sense Writing has cured that, amazingly.”

Ariela Peleg

This course is not for you if:

  • You believe creativity is something that “happens” to you and prefer to stay out of the driver’s seat.
  • You don’t feel any hesitation in getting started in your writing.
  • Your creative projects can do just fine coming in unpredictable bursts.
  • You are not willing to explore deeper emotions underlying your creative patterns.
  • You cannot support fellow students in their own creative journeys.
“Sense Writing is a huge bonding experience. We organized a reading series and started a literary magazine for our work. There's no ego or pretentious expectations.”
Raluca Albu, Editor, Bomb Magazine

Madelyn Kent is a New York-based playwright and director, and former Creative Writing Faculty member at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. A pioneer in physical approaches to creativity, she developed Sense Writing because she believes the techniques she used to build a sustainable artistic path should be shared, not hidden away. To contribute to a more richly creative world, she wants to empower other artists to find their way forward too.

Madelyn’s plays have been presented in theaters in Europe and New York, including Soho Rep, where she is a founding member of the Obie award winning Writer/Director Lab. After over 10 years of teaching, the limitations of available methods of teaching creative writing became impossible to ignore. The standard approaches seemed to overlook deeper issues of anxiety and blocks, and in some cases, reinforced them. Already deeply immersed in various physical approaches to creativity, she realized the crucial role physicality played in the realm of expression and imagination.

In 2008, Madelyn left New York and her teaching position to become a Practitioner in Feldenkrais Somatic Education. Upon returning to New York, she combined her expertise in Somatic Education, teaching, and writing to develop Sense Writing, which she has taught to over 1,000 people in 10 countries. She has helped students— from award-winning filmmakers and journalists to people who have never written before— find trust and joy in their creativity and build the resilient writing practice they’ve always wanted. Now for the first time Sense Writing is available to anyone in the world.

The program officially begins on Monday, October 11th, 2022. That's when Week One will be released to the group in the online Member Area.
The 9 zoom sessions are scheduled for Sunday at 12:00 noon, NYC time: October 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, December, 4, 11, 18. All calls are recorded and posted in our member area within 48 hours.
No, not at all. The live calls are there to reinforce what you are learning that week in the course lessons, which are the heart of the course. With very few exceptions, no new material will be introduced in the live calls.

It's impossible to meet everyone's schedule across all time zones. If you are worried about missing some live call sessions and are hesitant to sign up, please don't let this impede you. The live sessions are recorded and you can submit a question to me beforehand which I will answer in the session.
Each Monday a series of lessons, made up of video and audio lessons, is released in the Member Area. (The first week starts on Tuesday, the 11th, because of the holiday in the States).

From the very first day, the private discussion group is open, where you can share your thoughts and reflections on any of that week's lessons, get extra support, and where Madelyn will be to answer questions.

Madelyn is always present to respond to your reflections and questions personally whether in the group or through email.

Our first live call is scheduled for Sunday, April 10th, after you have settled into the program (see above for live call schedule.)
No, you don’t have to consider yourself a “writer” to take the course! Many people come to Sense Writing with no creative background at all-- just the seed of a desire to write.

This approach has also helped other artists such as designers, directors, visual artists, and musicians connect more deeply to their work.
Yes. Sense Writing gives you the tools to settle into your own creative landscape. Many Sense Writing participants were surprised to learn how much they had to say.

Sense Writing is an approach that people return to again and again as their writing transform and projects change. Though the program runs for 12-weeks, you can come back to the material in Sense Writing Online any time you need to in the future-- as your writing practice grows and evolves.
You can use all the exercises and sequences for whatever you are currently writing, no matter what genre-- or which draft. The approach can be used for all stages of writing, including rewriting.
Yes. You can apply the sequences to any form whether non-fiction, fiction, poetry, playwriting, or screenwriting.

Each Monday the lessons for that week are released in the Member Area. Though the Facebook discussions and the live call session will most likely reflect on that week's lesson, going at your own pace is a value of Sense Writing. You can take your time going through the weeks. And remember: as valued alumni, you will always have access to all the course materials.
You receive lifetime access to the course. In addition, the course restarts twice a year, and you can join anew each time without additional payment.
Yes and no. Many people have felt the effects of the course outside their writing, feeling more ease and integration in other realms of their life. However, this course is not meant to be a substitute for therapy and should you feel overwhelmed during the course, please contact Madelyn for further guidance.
There are wonderful benefits of meditation (and many traditions of meditation) that help you to feel calmer and more open. Sense Writing also puts you in a state of ease, but at the same time, heightens your creative awareness and expression.
Sense Writing applies techniques of the Feldenkrais Method, which are based on the science of “neuroplasticity.” This term was coined in the second half of the 20th century when researchers found that many functions of the brain (neuro) can be changed (plastic) even until late in life. Prominent proponents of the Feldenkrais Method include New York Times’ Health Columnist, Jane Brody, and best-selling author Dr. Norman Doidge, the main chronicler of neuroplasticity.
No. Participants all over the world have taken Sense Writing and have written in their mother tongue. Basic English skills are required to understand the course material and engage in the discussion group as you share reflections on your process. However, participants are encouraged to write their pieces in the language they are most comfortable in. To share this work, you can either translate or there may be others who can understand and comment on your piece.
This is optional. In the Sense Writing community, we practice giving specific but non-judgemental feedback. However, if you don’t want to share your work, you don’t have to.
The movement sequences are gentle and subtle. They are designed to work within your abilities and to hone your capacity to listen to your body. The skill that you are building is this listening.
You’ll receive email invitations through Zoom. A simple sign-in allows you to join. You will be able to see me, but your video is optional.
About two hours a week, not including the live call sessions. The sequences are very specific and timed. Though as you gain more comfort and freedom, you might want to expand this time.
Once you register, your username and password never expire. The course material, all the audio and video training, will be available for you to use any time you need it. In addition, the course restarts twice a year, and you can join anew as you need (including the live sessions) without additional payment. Tuition also includes alumni benefits such as advanced labs.

The course is designed around principles of circular learning to meet you where you are in your practice and writing.
Your sense of progress is important to me. I am convinced the course will give you new insights to build a sustainable practice over time— that’s why you have lifetime access. Your investment is also important. If within 21 days of the starting date, you find the course isn’t working for you, and you have submitted your completed reflections of the sequences from the course to date, you may request a cancellation and receive a refund. After the first 21 days, refunds are no longer available.

Start Sense Writing online and discover a new way to write!

  • Plug into deeper creativity from a heightened state of awareness.
  • Break out of old writing and thinking habits.
  • Make your writing practice sustainable.
  • Cut through stubborn writer’s block.
  • Bring your projects to completion.
  • Discover the smarter part of yourself.

Over 1,000 people all over the world have transformed their creative process through Sense Writing.

Registration closes October 11, 2022 at midnight EST.

Course starts October 11, 2022.

“Sense Writing is like running along a river from rock to rock and the rocks just appear below your feet, and you've gotten to where you want to go.” Jean Rhode
“Let me put it this way, before Madelyn's workshops, I didn't finish most of the projects that I began, and I didn't feel like I had many options. After taking Sense Writing all of that has changed. I am able to write long-form prose, experimental poetry, even investigative journalism pieces with relish and gusto.” Aleksander Degtyarev
“When I first learned about the unique aspect of reconnecting with my nervous system through Sense Writing, I became determined to reclaim my identity as a writer. Madelyn's approach, which is partly inspired by the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, is about learning to try less to achieve more, and it really works.” Jenna Marin
"Most of the students wouldn’t say we were “writers” per say, but during these exchanges, the things that poured out of us were startlingly vivid and articulate. We got “there” precisely because we weren’t trying to."
Guernica Magazine
“ ...a revolutionary approach to the process of writing.”
Yoga City NYC
“Through Madelyn Kent's Sense Writing, my body became a tool and its movement art. Each motion affected my nervous system allowing me to train my brain away from old habits of creative blocks. I found my way to my stories and was able to write with more precision and detail and with a flow and ease I had never experienced before. My imagination and memories, just like my movements, became more present and available. The most valuable aspect of Sense Writing is that the changes you make are permanent. They are 'in your bones.' This means the results are long-lasting and, for me, they have been life-changing.” Alex Gratsas
"I am deeply appreciative of the fact that anyone who takes the course has access to the materials and the live classes for life. This gesture has tremendous integrity, and speaks volumes about the course. We are reminded throughout the course to be curious and let the lessons unfold at a pace that feels right to us, and then we are given all the time we need to do exactly that. It models an important paradigm shift— we are not here to 'get something done,' but to begin a lifetime’s work of learning how to pay close creative attention." Shelley Evans, Screenwriter (The Bling Ring)
“Okay, what's a less dramatic way of telling you that this class has changed my life?” Olga Kreimer
“In reaching for sensory detail, my shoulders settled. My breathing slowed. The focus on process took away the pressure to 'say something deep.' Critical elements of events, pains and hurts, character, desire and plot percolated to the surface. I plucked details like daisies, pieces of my story that I didn’t know were there. Every writing session was an adventure.”
Entropy Magazine
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12 Weeks to Rewire
Your Creative Writing