Melting Writer's Block:

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Do you feel blocked in your creative process despite having learned the craft?


Are you ready to imagine past survival mode and recommit to your writing process with a radical new set of tools?


Uncover the true source of your creativity with the neuro-sensory method called Sense Writing.

Video 1 Reconnecting to Your Innate Creativity

In this FREE 2-part video series, you'll receive:
  • A 12-minute Body Mapping for Writers video
  • First-row access to groundbreaking writing strategies from the Developer of Sense Writing
  • Insights into why you keep getting stuck–despite the classes you might have taken
  • Answers about the root causes of writer’s block (Hint: it’s not in your mind)
  • The four essential steps to rewire your nervous system and become your own muse

Sense Writing has been called one of the “best creative writing workshops in New York City,” as ranked by Yelp — and you can peek inside the process for yourself right now.

"Sense Writing gave me a writing practice. And from the first class I took, the first moments of that first class were -- it sounds cliched-- but it was like magic." Emily Tobey
“Sense Writing changed everything.” Iva Radivojevic, Guggenheim Award-winning Filmmaker
"I was a Creative Writing major in a reputable program in undergrad, but I learned more in the two-day Sense Writing course I took." Jenna Marin
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